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There are photographers of every style, experience level, and price point to choose from that best suit all different types of clients. When searching for a photographer, you are likely choosing one based on the style/quality of their work, if you vibe with them as a human, and the price of the packages they offer.


It's best to think of photography is an investment. You are investing in memories that will be a legacy in your family. The reason behind your investment is the experience, equipment, time, and talent of the photographer. It goes far beyond clicking a button on a good camera.


You are paying for the years that a photographer has been learning + practicing their craft. They know what it takes to make a good photograph: composition, lighting, posing, how to evoke genuine emotion from their subjects, and other skills that are important pieces of the photo puzzle.


You are paying for the quality of their equipment and their extensive knowledge on how to use it. It's true; iPhones do take pretty good pictures and anyone can purchase a DLSR camera and push a button. However, photographers have likely invested thousands in camera bodies and lenses that serve the specific purposes of their work and all the things that make those cameras work properly like quality memory cards and batteries. Some have invested in studios, lighting equipment, etc. Most have invested in professional software.

Time & Talent

One session may last 30 minutes, but many hours are spent communicating about, planning for, driving to, driving from, processing, editing, retouching, uploading, and sharing that session. Editing and retouching makes up a majority of those hours. We make sure each and every image looks good enough to frame. Each photographer has their own style and you are paying for the one that makes you happy. 

The Value of Photography

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